LC-Power Case 2009MB-Micro ATX

Šifra: 002_LC-2009MB-ON

Case type:Micro-ATX-Tower
Motherboard:Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Drive bays 8,89cm/3.5″ external:n1
Drive bays 13,34cm/5.25″ externa:1
Drive bays 8,89cm/3.5″ internal:2
Drive bays 6,35cm/2.5″ internal:1
PCI slots:4
*Case fans*
Included in delivery: 0
Mounting options: 3
Front: 1×120 mm
Lateral: 1x 120 mm
Back: 1x 92 mm
Firewire port:no
Audio port:HD Audio
USB 3.0 port:1
USB 2.0 port:3
Case material:metal
Case dimensions h x w x d:358 x 190 x 395 mm
Cage dimensions h x w x d:345 x 170 x 340 mm
Graphic cards up to:320 mm
CPU cooler up to:140 mm
Weight (retail):3.06kg
Mark of conformity:CE
Case colour:black
Front panel colour:black / mirror finish
Power supply integrated:no

58.29 KM

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